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Kumpulan text bahasa inggris, artikel bahasa inggris, cerita bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya. If you have to watch the exact same episode of your favorite television show every day for the rest of your life, you would probably be banging your head against the wall by the end of the week. You would change the channel, pick up a book, or do anything you could to avoid something you once enjoyed.


Contoh di bawah merupakan gabungan dari text bahasa inggris dengan cerita berbahasa inggris yang di tulis dengan artikel bahasa inggris:


Artikel Kesehatan Bahasa Inggris

Judul: Fitness Trainer

One of the biggest obstacles to staying on track for fitness is losing motivation. People are just starting an exercise program can find themselves quickly tired of the same routine. Keeping exercise appealing and maintaining a good fitness perspective is key to long-term success. Yet, many people starting on a fitness program feel compelled to follow the same routine, day after day after day, and consequently fall off the exercise wagon due to sheer boredom. That is why, most people would want the services of a fitness trainer in order to provide them the different portions of the fitness program in a more livelier style. Fitness trainers are actually those who are expert in analyzing and creating a fitness program that is right for you. They are the ones who will calculate your appropriateness to a certain program with regards to your “fitness level,” create the program according to your specific needs, and keep you stimulated and inspired by giving you activities that will not bore you.


cerita artikel bahasa inggris

But then again, as with other entities included in the fitness world, not all fitness trainers are created equal. They may vary from the different trainings that they have, the health education they have acquired, and the skills that they have learned.


Hence, it is important to consider some factors that will determine if a certain fitness trainer is right for you. Here is how:


  1. Certification

Like any item or product, the quality is sometimes measured and determined through the certification that goes with it. Hence, before you choose your fitness trainer, it is important to verify if the trainer is duly certified by a highly regarded fitness association.

It is also best to choose a trainer that has a CPR certification or first aid qualifications.


  1. Education/Trainings

Be sure to choose a fitness trainer who had acquired an adequate training and education as far as health and physical fitness is concerned.

Even though it is not necessary, trainers who have acquired education connected with health or any other related field will definitely have an edge over the others.


  1. Knows how to give the right attention

A good fitness trainer should know how to provide his or her client an undivided attention whenever their session is going on. In this way, the trainer will be able to focus more on the details that needs attention and immediate considerations.


  1. Knows how to track development

It is best to choose a fitness trainer that knows how to track his or her client’s progress as far as fitness is concerned.

In this way, the trainer will be able to generate new activities and trainings designated for a particular result of the client.


  1. Good Personality

Since you will be dealing most with your fitness trainer, it is best if you will look for somebody with a pleasing personality, somebody whom you can be comfortable. It is best to hire the services of somebody whom you can easily get along with.

Boiled down, the services of a fitness center and the contributions it can give you while working out on those belly fats, are, indeed, one of the best help that you can get from a professional person who knows what he is doing.


Hence, it is best to choose the best person who can give you the best services that you need so that you will never get bored again.


Cerita Bahasa Inggris

Judul: Malin Kundang

At one time, there lived a family of fishermen on the coast of Sumatra. The family consists of father, mother and a son, named Malin Kundang. Due to poor financial condition of the family, the father decided to make a living in the country by wading across a vast ocean. Then the Malin and his mother lived in their huts. A week, two weeks, one month, two months or more duration is 1 year, Malin’s father did not return to his hometown. So his mother had to replace the position of Malin’s father to make a living. Malin including a smart kid but a little naughty. He often chasing chickens and hit him with a broom. One day, when Malin was chasing chickens, she tripped over a rock and hit a rock right arm injury. The wounds became trace and can not be lost.


After growing up, Malin Kundang feel sorry for his mother who worked hard to make a living to raise themselves. He thinks to make a living in the country side in the hope of later when returning home, he had become a wealthy man. Malin interested in the invitation of a merchant ship captain who was once poor now have become a wealthy man. Malin Kundang expressed intention to his mother. His mother does not agree with the original intent Kundang, but because Malin kept pushing, she finally agreed Kundang albeit with a heavy heart. After preparing supplies and equipment to taste, Malin immediately headed to the dock to be escorted by his mother. “My son, if you have a successful and affluent people, do not you forget about your mother and yards this village, son,” said Mrs. Malin Kundang in tears.


Ships that climbed Malin increasingly away with a wave accompanied Mrs. Malin Kundang. During his time on the ship, Malin Kundang a lot to learn about seamanship on the crew who are experienced. Along the way, suddenly climbed Malin Kundang ships were attacked by pirates. All merchandise traders who were on the ship seized by pirates. Even most of the crew and people on the ship were killed by the pirates. Malin Kundang very lucky he was not killed by the pirates, because when it happened, Malin immediately hid in a small space enclosed by timber.


Text Bahasa Inggris,

Malin Kundang adrift on the high seas, until finally the host ship stranded on a beach. With the rest of the existing power, Malin Kundang walked to the nearest village from the beach. Arriving in the village, Malin Kundang helped by people in the village after previously telling what happened to him. Malin village where villagers stranded is very fertile. With tenacity and perseverance in work, Malin gradually managed to become a wealthy man. He has a lot of merchant ships with men of more than 100 people. After becoming rich, Malin Kundang marry a girl to be his wife.


News Kundang who has become rich and have been married to the mother also Malin Kundang. Mother Malin Kundang feel grateful and very happy his son had succeeded. Since then, the mother Malin Kundang every day to go to the dock, waiting for his son who might return to his hometown. After a long marriage, Malin and his wife set sail with a large and beautiful ship with the crew as well as a lot of bodyguards. Malin Kundang mother who every day waiting for his son, saw a very beautiful ship, into the harbor. He saw two people standing on the deck of a ship. He believes that it is his standing and his wife Malin Kundang.


Malin Kundang were off the ship. He was greeted by his mother. Once close enough, she saw twelve people injured right, the more convinced his mother that he was approached Malin Kundang. “Malin Kundang, my son, why did you go so long without sending the news?”, She said as she hugged Kundang. But what happens then? Malin Kundang immediately release his mother’s arms and pushed him to fall. “Women do not know myself, carelessly claimed as my mother,” says Malin Kundang to his mother. Malin Kundang pretended not to recognize her, because of embarrassment with his elderly mother and dressed in rags. “She’s your mother?”, Malin Kundang wife Tanya. “No, he was just a beggar who pretended to be admitted as a mother in order to get my treasure,” Malin said to his wife. Heard the statement and mistreated by her son, Malin Kundang mother very angry. He had not expected her to be rebellious child. Because of mounting anger, Malin’s mother lifted her hand and said, “Oh God, if he was my son, I swear he became a rock”. Not long after strong winds and violent storms rumble came to destroy the ship Malin Kundang. After that Kundang body slowly becomes rigid and in time they finally shaped into a rock.


Moral message: As a child, do not ever forget all parent services primarily to a mother who is pregnant and raise their children, especially when it comes to being a rebellious child. Disobedience to parents is a major sin that will be borne by the child.


Berikut adalah cerita bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya. Anda bisa gunakan translator dari google untuk menerjemahkan kata kata bahasa inggris.


Cerita Rakyat Malin Kundang
Pada suatu waktu, hiduplah sebuah keluarga nelayan di pesisir pantai wilayah Sumatra. Keluarga tersebut terdiri dari ayah, ibu dan seorang anak laki-laki yang diberi nama Malin Kundang. Karena kondisi keuangan keluarga memprihatinkan, sang ayah memutuskan untuk mencari nafkah di negeri seberang dengan mengarungi lautan yang luas.

Maka tinggallah si Malin dan ibunya di gubug mereka. Seminggu, dua minggu, sebulan, dua bulan bahkan sudah 1 tahun lebih lamanya, ayah Malin tidak juga kembali ke kampung halamannya. Sehingga ibunya harus menggantikan posisi ayah Malin untuk mencari nafkah. Malin termasuk anak yang cerdas tetapi sedikit nakal. Ia sering mengejar ayam dan memukulnya dengan sapu. Suatu hari ketika Malin sedang mengejar ayam, ia tersandung batu dan lengan kanannya luka terkena batu. Luka tersebut menjadi berbekas dilengannya dan tidak bisa hilang.

Setelah beranjak dewasa, Malin Kundang merasa kasihan dengan ibunya yang banting tulang mencari nafkah untuk membesarkan dirinya. Ia berpikir untuk mencari nafkah di negeri seberang dengan harapan nantinya ketika kembali ke kampung halaman, ia sudah menjadi seorang yang kaya raya. Malin tertarik dengan ajakan seorang nakhoda kapal dagang yang dulunya miskin sekarang sudah menjadi seorang yang kaya raya.

Malin kundang mengutarakan maksudnya kepada ibunya. Ibunya semula kurang setuju dengan maksud Malin Kundang, tetapi karena Malin terus mendesak, Ibu Malin Kundang akhirnya menyetujuinya walau dengan berat hati. Setelah mempersiapkan bekal dan perlengkapan secukupnya, Malin segera menuju ke dermaga dengan diantar oleh ibunya. “Anakku, jika engkau sudah berhasil dan menjadi orang yang berkecukupan, jangan kau lupa dengan ibumu dan kampung halamannu ini, nak”, ujar Ibu Malin Kundang sambil berlinang air mata.

Cerita bahasa inggris

Kapal yang dinaiki Malin semakin lama semakin jauh dengan diiringi lambaian tangan Ibu Malin Kundang. Selama berada di kapal, Malin Kundang banyak belajar tentang ilmu pelayaran pada anak buah kapal yang sudah berpengalaman. Di tengah perjalanan, tiba-tiba kapal yang dinaiki Malin Kundang di serang oleh bajak laut. Semua barang dagangan para pedagang yang berada di kapal dirampas oleh bajak laut. Bahkan sebagian besar awak kapal dan orang yang berada di kapal tersebut dibunuh oleh para bajak laut. Malin Kundang sangat beruntung dirinya tidak dibunuh oleh para bajak laut, karena ketika peristiwa itu terjadi, Malin segera bersembunyi di sebuah ruang kecil yang tertutup oleh kayu.

Malin Kundang terkatung-katung ditengah laut, hingga akhirnya kapal yang ditumpanginya terdampar di sebuah pantai. Dengan sisa tenaga yang ada, Malin Kundang berjalan menuju ke desa yang terdekat dari pantai. Sesampainya di desa tersebut, Malin Kundang ditolong oleh masyarakat di desa tersebut setelah sebelumnya menceritakan kejadian yang menimpanya. Desa tempat Malin terdampar adalah desa yang sangat subur. Dengan keuletan dan kegigihannya dalam bekerja, Malin lama kelamaan berhasil menjadi seorang yang kaya raya. Ia memiliki banyak kapal dagang dengan anak buah yang jumlahnya lebih dari 100 orang. Setelah menjadi kaya raya, Malin Kundang mempersunting seorang gadis untuk menjadi istrinya.

Berita Malin Kundang yang telah menjadi kaya raya dan telah menikah sampai juga kepada ibu Malin Kundang. Ibu Malin Kundang merasa bersyukur dan sangat gembira anaknya telah berhasil. Sejak saat itu, ibu Malin Kundang setiap hari pergi ke dermaga, menantikan anaknya yang mungkin pulang ke kampung halamannya.

Setelah beberapa lama menikah, Malin dan istrinya melakukan pelayaran dengan kapal yang besar dan indah disertai anak buah kapal serta pengawalnya yang banyak. Ibu Malin Kundang yang setiap hari menunggui anaknya, melihat kapal yang sangat indah itu, masuk ke pelabuhan. Ia melihat ada dua orang yang sedang berdiri di atas geladak kapal. Ia yakin kalau yang sedang berdiri itu adalah anaknya Malin Kundang beserta istrinya.

Malin Kundang pun turun dari kapal. Ia disambut oleh ibunya. Setelah cukup dekat, ibunya melihat belas luka dilengan kanan orang tersebut, semakin yakinlah ibunya bahwa yang ia dekati adalah Malin Kundang. “Malin Kundang, anakku, mengapa kau pergi begitu lama tanpa mengirimkan kabar?”, katanya sambil memeluk Malin Kundang. Tapi apa yang terjadi kemudian? Malin Kundang segera melepaskan pelukan ibunya dan mendorongnya hingga terjatuh. “Wanita tak tahu diri, sembarangan saja mengaku sebagai ibuku”, kata Malin Kundang pada ibunya. Malin Kundang pura-pura tidak mengenali ibunya, karena malu dengan ibunya yang sudah tua dan mengenakan baju compang-camping. “Wanita itu ibumu?”, Tanya istri Malin Kundang. “Tidak, ia hanya seorang pengemis yang pura-pura mengaku sebagai ibuku agar mendapatkan harta ku”, sahut Malin kepada istrinya. Mendengar pernyataan dan diperlakukan semena-mena oleh anaknya, ibu Malin Kundang sangat marah. Ia tidak menduga anaknya menjadi anak durhaka. Karena kemarahannya yang memuncak, ibu Malin menengadahkan tangannya sambil berkata “Oh Tuhan, kalau benar ia anakku, aku sumpahi dia menjadi sebuah batu”. Tidak berapa lama kemudian angin bergemuruh kencang dan badai dahsyat datang menghancurkan kapal Malin Kundang. Setelah itu tubuh Malin Kundang perlahan menjadi kaku dan lama-kelamaan akhirnya berbentuk menjadi sebuah batu karang.

Pesan Moral : Sebagai seorang anak, jangan pernah melupakan semua jasa orangtua terutama kepada seorang Ibu yang telah mengandung dan membesarkan anaknya, apalagi jika sampai menjadi seorang anak yang durhaka. Durhaka kepada orangtua merupakan satu dosa besar yang nantinya akan ditanggung sendiri oleh anak.

Itulah text bahasa inggris, artikel bahasa inggris, cerita bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya.

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